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I Caught Santa ~ Book 1: A “ChristMax” Carol


Jeremy loved Christmas…no! I mean, he REALLY loved Christmas. He loved the snow…he loved the colors…he loved the music…he even loved all the kooky ads playing night and day on the radio and TV. The holiday has become so commercial said his parents and pretty much all the adult he knew. Jeremy didn’t care, if there wasn’t a Christmas then there wouldn’t be a Santa Clause, he shuttered at the thought. See Jeremy had a long-standing challenge with himself. One year he would stay awake late enough to catch Santa delivering the presents and stuffing the stockings. The only problem, it’s really hard to stay awake late enough to catch that jolly old elf. But this year would be different. This year would be the year he proved to all those non-beleiver friends of his that there really was a Santa Claus!


Jeremy opened his eyes sat up in bed and yawned. It was early morning on Christmas day. He had tried real hard to stay awake but another year had come and gone with no Santa sighting. But wait!… that racket coming from the living room…could it be!?... naw! Its probably just Paws the family cat chasing his shadow again. Well, I better go and check on him before he breaks something thought Jeremy. So, with sleep filled eyes Jeremy tip toed out his bedroom door. When he got to the living room he immediately knew something wasn’t right. There were no pretty packages and the stockings looked empty. The window was open and to Jeremy’s surprise he had caught the thief in flight… No!... it couldn’t be...Santa!


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The full color version of I Caught Santa, and the companion song A “ChristMax” Carol, will be released to the market in the fall of 2018.

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